Sunday, October 22, 2017


I talked with people who have known John Kelly and they say he is an honorable, stand up kind of guy. They also say dumbass threw all that away this week when he lied about a sitting congresswoman, all at the behest of his insane boss. You can serve you country or you can serve Orange Hitler but you can't serve both. You chose poorly. I used to have great respect for another general in your shoes who did the exact same thing for a crappy president, that being the traitor Colin Powell. He threw his reputation into the dust bin of history where he will NOT be portrayed in a good light after lying to the American people about Iraq and, as a result, destabilizing the Middle East. His idiocy may well end the world. Thanks moron. Now we have the same thing with General Johnny Douchebag. Is there are requirement that you have to be an utter moron to reach the highest level of military service? IQ tests certainly aren't. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Tamika Mallory- Nothing makes white people more mental that some black activist throwing their race around like a weapon. This idiot got thrown off a plane for acting up after a seat mix up and then said it wasn't that she was acting like an ass but because the pilot was white and she was black and that had to be reason. Right. Here's a tip, it is highly unwise to give lip to ANY person working at the airport as they have zero tolerance for attitude and the power to throw you curbside if they wish. Now while it is possible the ticket person has some attitude too, but in this case you grin and bear it, or you take the train. This the world for all of us, not just black people. Stop acting like you are the only ones being treated poorly. At the airport, we all are just cattle.

9)Halloween costumes- When did this holiday become controversial? Who doesn't celebrate it besides the far Christian right and Jehovah's Witnesses? Towns here in MA suspended Halloween at schools to be "more inclusive" for what is most likely a single child whose parents are assholes. Why should everyone suffer for a handful of kids? I am sorry if they are not included but too fucking bad. That is their parents problem. This is the same crap that forces to schools to cancel Christmas because of Jews or banning shirts with American flags for being "triggers." Can we please let kids be kids and stop forcing PC crap down their throats? Then we have costumes that range from too far to too PC. On the latter schools are sending out costume no no's, to avoid snowflakes from having a cow seeing someone dressed as Pocahontas or a Mexican. Let me say this for the cheap seats: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CULTURAL APPROPRIATIONS! That is the way society evolves. By this logic, any black woman with blond hair, wearing jeans or traveling on a plane is guilty of this bullshit. There are however, some costumes that are too far. Black face is a giant mistake but so is the company that decided an Anne Frank costume for children was a good idea. Can we please have some common sense back because no one seems to have anymore.

8)Maricopa County- The former district of racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose bid to vacate his felony conviction was overturned (ha!), is having issues of their own: no one wants to be cops there. Recruitment has dwindled to near zero as the police there are now seen as Darth Vader stormtroopers combined with Nazi Death camp guards. Ouch. Outreach, raising salaries and the like have done nothing to make people want to join, what they see as, a bunch of dicks.This is going to have serious repercussions down the road if they don't fix this.

7)WHO- Leave it to the UN to make a truly boneheaded decision on a scale so epic, I actually thought it was farce at first. Dictator and butcher of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, was nominated to a post within the organization for his role in bringing health care to his country. While that may be true, it ignores the fact that he is also responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands, the economic collapse of his country, racist views against whites that drove them from his country when he illegally seized their farms, and more. This is the guy you want to talk about health care? Maybe you should hire Trump next to be your economic adviser. The post was rescinded later when someone with a brain said this was probably a bad idea. You think?
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6)Sarah "Fat Bitch" Huckabee Sanders- I from now on will only refer to this cow of a woman as Fat Bitch, as her name may actually summon her if said out loud. Fat Bitch this week told the press that it was unimaginable that anyone would sully the name of a four star general and anyone doing so was an awful American. Say what? Someone tell Dumbo here that this isn't how democracy works. Questioning generals is DEMANDED is a free society, as they are the ones fighting wars and not always for the best of reasons like either Gulf War or Vietnam. I can barely to stand to look at her and her wonky eyes for one more second. I truly hate her.

5)Congress- Apparently no one is Congress can read. I know it is a shocker but recent events have convinced me it is either that or every single person in Congress regardless of party is corrupt. A bill put forward in 2016 that was supposed to help fight the opiate crisis passed with unanimous consent in both parts of Congress and signed by the president. The problem with this is I read the bill and even a three year old would have noticed the part in the three paragraph summary that if passed, thousands of people would die. It wasn't hidden. It wasn't confusing. It literally told you that dangerous drugs would hit the market if this went through. I don't know why no one else noticed this blatant law which leads us to one of two conclusions: either Congress isn't even reading the summaries of bill they are passing, relying on outside organizations to lead them by the nose, in this case the DEA who signed off on it for some inane reason, or their are all corrupt and taking bribes. Either way, we're fucked as no one is watching the store anymore.
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4)Tom Marino and Orrin Hatch- The reason why said bill passed was because these two fuckwads stumped for it something fierce. They also took a lot of money from Big Pharma which isn't suspicious at all. Hatch was denied any wrongdoing saying they only gave him $177,000 and that isn't enough to sway his vote, also suggesting there is a number that would sway his vote. Interesting. Marino was set to be Trump's new drug czar but when this came out that fizzled hard. This is why nothing changes as we are not in control: corporations are.

3)Mitch McConnell- Dumbass appeared with the president this week to shore up any rumors they were at each other's throats, which of course confirmed it if they are having a press conference about it. This was a bad idea all around for Mitch. His wife's career is hanging by a thread because of stock options she will either be forced to give up or resign from the Trump administration. Bannon is waging a war on the Establishment that could backfire and give the Democrats control of the House and possibly the Senate, depending on how badly Republicans fuck things up over the next year. All this photo op did is make people hate McConnell a little more no matter which side of the GOP divide you are on. Plus, he is trying to get a tax plan done that is already hitting major speed bumps and is even less likely to pass if they tack health care on to it, which some have proposed. It is not going to be easy fixing taxes as they are about to find out. The notion of capping 401K's already hit with a thud as consumers and Wall Street bitched to high heaven about it. I am dying to see what crap they put in this which will cut trillions from programs people like. Good luck guys.

2)Trump- Asshole had another fine week where he trashed a Congresswoman after fucking up a phone call to a solider's widow, whose name he couldn't even remember. Instead of just apologizing, which would have made this go away fast, he doubled down and called her family a liar. A firestorm came next. Plus, we still have no idea why we have troops in Niger, why ISIS is in Niger and what exactly happened here where the story keeps changing. Some have speculated that when Chad pulled troops out of Niger because of Orange Hitler's travel ban, our troops were left unprotected. Where have I heard that before? Oh I know: BENGHAZI! Let's have some fucking hearings on this. This guy is suck a dick.
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1)General John Kelly- What the fuck happened to you sir? Lying for the administration is not your job. That is what we have Fat Bitch for. It was bad enough when he slammed the congresswoman for listening in to the widow's call, like she tapped her phone or something, but was traveling with the family, who were friends of hers, and the call was on speakerphone. Plus, Johnny, YOU were listening into on the call too. Shouldn't that same blame go both ways. The topper was when you absolutely lied about Congresswoman Wilson'a speech about an FBI building, saying she bragged about getting funding for it and demeaning the FBI in the process. None of that happened as she wasn't even in Congress when funding occurred and the speech he was referencing was on tape contained none of his allegations. Actually, the exact opposite where she gracefully acknowledged the difficulty of being an FBI agent and talked respectively of the two people who had died that the building was named after. At no point did any of Kelly's allegation surface. Liar. Way to go because now I can't believe anything you say. Ever. That is not good from the Chief of Staff. You are a disgrace to your uniform and you and Colin Powell can both burn in hell as far as I am concerned. Maybe you should quit soon because your soul is going to burn out at this rate. Congratulations John Kelly, you outdid Trump to be douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Over the last 24 hours my faith in government ended. Trump is a psychopath who WILL kill millions. The Republicans are facing an uncertain future that looks to send them full Nazi and seem totally unperturbed about it. The Democrats have no fight in them and after new revelations about Congress and Obama, appear to be every bit as bad as the GOP. There is only one unequivocally position now: WE ARE SO FUCKED! Thanks America. Your idiocy has doomed us all.
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Let us start with out Moron in Chief who has been on a tear this past day. After painstaking effort, both sides of Congress appears to have a tentative deal that will help health care costs. Whether it can pass is anyone's guess but at the moment has a solid potential especially if Democrats and Republicans unite to pass it, a real possibility. But then comes our toddler President, who liked it, then didn't, and then proceeded to give 147 different answers about it. Well that clears it all up. He then went on to slam Obama and every other president for never calling fallen soldiers, a total lie. He tried to bring up how Obama never called General Kelly after his son died. And he was right, Obama never did call. He met him in person. Oops.

Trump waited almost two weeks before reaching out to fallen solider's families, didn't show up for the coffins when they arrived (he was playing golf otherwise known as a death penalty sentence if you were Obama), and there are multiple pictures of every past president doing just that, and then, worst of all, said the most insensitive things one can say to a widow. Allegedly, he told the widow that the soldier knew what he was signing up for and NEVER called him a hero, which he certainly was dying in service to his country. Then, just to make matters worse, lied about it. A congresswoman riding with the widow told the press what she heard, Trump and his lackies said she couldn't be trusted because she was wearing a funny hat, but then the family confirmed what the congresswoman said. Trump is wholly unfit for office and anyone who can't see that is a fucking moron at this point.

And let us not forget that he is singlehandedly ending health care for us all in his insane desire to get rid of everything the black guy before him touched, which is of course so not racist (insert sarcasm here). He tweeted that Obamacare premiums going up are not his fault which is the same defense that a guy caught red handed with the murder weapon says standing over a dead body. In other words, not going to fly. He IS responsible for here on out after his actions have been affecting prices for months. His ending subsides are going to skyrocket prices for us all. 2018 may not be bad, but with NO fixes by 2019, the system will implode and none of us will have health care at that point. I don't think Republicans understand the knife edge they are on. When people start dying because of lack of health care, so will they and their families when people pushed to the brink explode.
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None of that may matter as North Korea is hell bent on nuclear weapons and with it, the end of everything. We ARE going to war with them at some point soon. Bet on it. According to my sources, we have at latest until next summer before war breaks out, and more likley much sooner. Kim didn't launch any missiles today as he was threatening to do but how long that lasts is unclear. I do know that families there are being told that an evacuation order may come at any minute and be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. Likewise, there is a second aircraft carrier headed to the region and a nuclear sub already parked off the coast with a decapitation team in board. Right now, the best scenario would be to have a suicide squad sent in to do as much damage as possible, even assassinating Kim. All other avenues at this point, even a first strike, will most likley lead to WW3. A false flag is the other option, something to blame Kim on and then attack with impunity. Somehow, I don't think Trump or anyone around him is smart enough to do either.

Then he have the Republicans where yesterday Mitch McConnell just ended his tenure by idiotically standing next to Trump and acting buddy buddy, which they are not. Only a fool would have believed that. In doing this, McConnell relinquished what little power he had. He is already monumentally unpopular and any chance at re-election in 2020 is a pipe dream. If Bannon succeeds in outing a lot of GOP establishment congresspeople, McConnell is going to lose the speaker job. Good news/bad news for Mitch is that Roy Moore, the lunatic running for Congress in Alabama, is now tied with the democrat as is he is so insane a lot of people just can't support him. This means there really IS a base line for nutbags if his opponent, Doug Jones, can win, a real possibility right now. Mitch would probably like to see Moore lose, as it will make his job even more difficult, while a democrat winning would sting but at least show that the party won't go full crazy and protect his power. Unfortunately, I still think Moore will win and send shockwaves through the GOP for 2018, as well as the Democrats who will realize the fucking Republicans will literally vote for anyone.

Not that any of that matters as the Democrats have proven themselves to be almost as worthless. Tom Marino, the former PA Congressman, pushed a bill through in 2014 with NO objection from anyone.It passed unanimously through both houses of Congress and signed by Obama. Here is my major problem with this bill: it was a giant failure that literally help make the opiate crisis worse. And not by something like letting drug dealers out or reforming the justice system in a way that sounded good but wasn't. No, this fucking monstrosity actually prevented the DEA from going after Big Pharma for over prescribing opiates. How is that even possible? Did NO ONE read the bill? How is this possible? Is EVERYONE is Congress in the back pocket of the pharmaceutical company? There is no rational explanation for this short of no one read the bill before passing it. That is not how to run a government.
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Worse, there is a new story that the FBI knew of Russian issues with a uranium deal way back in 2010, and said so repeatedly, that haunted the Hillary campaign to a small extent, but now appears worse than what we thought originally. The whole thing is complicated as hell but has to deal with a sale for uranium to Russia that the FBI though was fishy, and at the same time Hillary and Bill were both taking money to the foundation from the same people trying to get the uranium.That looked bad then and even worse now. Now it is true that 17 other agencies also had to sign off on the deal but you do have to wonder why this went through at all except for naked greed. The absolute worst part of this is that the head of the FBI at this time was Mueller, now in charge of the Trump case. Mueller is dirty in a lot of ways as I have written about in the past, especially the laughable Anthrax case the FBI still hasn't solved either by design or incompetence (the person they blamed is almost certainly innocent as a federal judge ruled after the fact because the poor soul killed himself for being harassed.). This could be used to end the investigation and then what?

The long and the short of this is it appears to no longer matter which side you vote for as they will both fuck you over in the long run. It has been a good run America but it is becoming plain as day our days our numbered. I told you what would happen and no one listened. Enjoy the end of the world. It is coming and soon.

Monday, October 16, 2017


This week, chances are very good the Senate passes their version of the budget and with it, the end of America. You voted for this nonsense, knowing full well the last time the GOP has this much control, they ran the world into a ditch that took years to get out of. Now that we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, here comes that ditch again. Only this time, it is a cliff.
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Contrary to all you may have heard, this budget is a mirror of the one tried in Kansas with disastrous results. It literally bankrupted them so bad the Republicans had to override an ill advised veto by their moron governor, Sam Brownback, to even attempt a fix. Susan Collins has suggested she is a yes for the bill, meaning it will probably pass. Then, they will use budget reconciliation laws to bypass ANY Democratic opposition and then we are going to get a bill that will literally kill a lot of people while giving 80% of the money to rich people. You can complain all you want once that occurs because our voices do NOT matter anymore which is a scary prospect because it means violence is coming. I am not suggesting people go out and do anything stupid but know that is coming regardless at this point. How do I know this? History.

The past is littered with people who overreached and died as a result. We are getting perilously close to that moment. Trump is all but double dog daring people to shoot him and the time is coming when some deranged fool will try it, perhaps several. Ford had several and he wasn't half as bad as this idiot in chief we have now. When people start dying due to Republican incompetence and greed, and they will, this overarmed, short tempered country is going to explode. Some fear martial law but the chances are actually better that if this goes south as bad as it might, anarchy may rule instead when EVERYONE riots. It will be impossible to quell anger that boils over into just about every walk of life. At that point, it is civil war and it won't be North versus South but red versus blue meaning rural against urban, neighbor against neighbor. There is no way that ends well.
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We have to stop this and now. There is no time left. We have to demand the immediate resignation of Trump. Organizers have to get tens of thousands surrounding the White House and scream for his head. GOP leaders need to know their actions will have detrimental consequences. Democrats need to find their FUCKING voices already and stop pretending all is normal. IT ISN'T! We are literally about to start dying here.

This budget will destroy this country and the world. That is if we don't blow ourselves up first. North Korea has been spotted moving missiles and have threatened to attack both Guam and Australia over the last few days. Even North Korea firing a missile their way could start WW3 and Kim has said he plans on doing just that. October 18th is the next day of reckoning as it some sort of holiday and coinciding with more war games with the South. What could possibly go wrong?

Two other troubling stories came out these last few days. The pharmacist for the Capitol said that he has been refilling Alzheimer drugs for some sitting Congress people. That would figure. Some one see if Pelosi and Feinstein are on that list. I can't believe the latter is running again at 85. Retire already you cow. We won't miss you. I promise. She has a contender for the primary so anyone voting for her over her opponent can fucking take a long walk off a short pier. Idiots. This is why nothing changes for the better.

The other story is from a former DEA chief who says that the Obama administration, Republicans in Congress, the DEA and Big Pharma have all conspired to allow more opiates into communities. WTF? This is also why nothing changes: the two parties are not that far apart on much. And here, as I have showed you already, are actions by both sides that are literally killing people and destroying the planet for greed. Congress actually made it easier for drug companies to sell opiates illegally while taking kickbacks at the same time, kickbacks that by the way out courts have ruled perfectly legal. Yeah, our court system sucks too because it is readily apparent that unless you have money, justice is just a word.
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Wake up America and realize that most politicians want you dead. The policies from both sides have doing NOTHING to help the average American and we know it. The longer we let anyone from the GOP and most of the Establishment Democrats survive politically, the worse things get. If you are voting for Roy Moore, you are an asshole, pure and simple and I sincerely hope you get butt cancer. If you live in Alabama, you better vote and against this douche unless living in a Christian theocracy sounds awesome to you. It's happening right now people and the next election of 2018 is either going to usher in a whole wave of these idiots or a wave of, hopefully, blue progressives who have the world in mind and not their bank accounts. If not, we better get used to eating dirt and living like North Koreans because this country is going to burn otherwise.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Harvey Weinstein did the exact same thing as Trump by sexually attacking women, only one got thrown to the wolves and the other got into the White House. Even stranger, Fox News went off on the producer, somehow unaware that every insult they hurled his way, bounced right back at them. Why is the president a protected individual while everyone else is a perv? The answer is a frightening one and one we better take seriously because the Republican party is a proven experiment in how a religious/fascist government could arise by the dumbest motherfuckers ever voting for it. If we don't start demanding the immediate resignation of Trump, there isn't going to be a country, perhaps even a world worth a bucket of spit soon. The clock is ticking and there is almost no time left. Let's see those runner ups in one of the worst weeks in American history, mainly because we may all end soon.
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10)Harvey Weinstein- What a pig. It is bad enough that this week dozens of people, mostly famous ones, came forward with sickening stories of rape, molestation and other forms of sexual assault. It doesn't help that he looks like someone who threw up in the back of taxi covered in cat hair. I can see why he had to rape women as what self respecting female would touch that. Not his wife anymore who hightailed it out of there stat. Allegedly he has been suicidal and delusional as he told a news crew he hopes for a "second chance." HAHAHAHA! Never going to happen. What is it with the delusional people like him and Bill Cosby who think they can recover from these allegations? He is DONE. He'll be lucky to stay out of prison. His actions have destroyed his reputation and may have killed his company as well. He deserves all of this.

9)Matt Damon and Ben Affleck- I have always been a little bitter towards these two after my awesome screenplay didn't even make the second round during the first project Greenlight. Worse was the fact that the film that won, along with the next one as well, sucked so hard I can't believe these guys made it into films at all. If they thought these two screenplays were good, they don't know how to read. Even worse, they ruined their most recent version where I made hysterically accurate predictions at everything that was going to go wrong when they hired a director who I knew was trouble from previous experience working with someone just like him. The new head of the studio I was Vice President of and the director of the film we were trying to get funding for (and I wrote), made a series of bone headed decisions that bankrupted us. Damon and Affleck should have known better but instead made a movie that was the worst one so far. Then there is this week were Damon came off as an apologist for Weinstein while Affleck had several people come out and say he groped them too. This will affect their career, especially the new Justice League movie. Damon may walk away unscathed but Affleck has a real problem. And unlike George Clooney who had some psycho accuse him of sexual harassment which was so obviously made up (she said ALL her co-stars and director knew about it. Right.), there is photographic evidence (somewhat) of the incident and has been now labeled Buttman, for his OTHER accuser who says he groped her ass and did it to a lot of woman at some Hollywood party he was at years back. You guys, especially Affleck, are screwed.

8)Jeff Payne- Called this one dead on. Payne was the cop caught on tape dragging a nurse out of a Utah hospital because he thought he could. Turns out, he was wrong and got officially fired this week. he is appealing the decision but the best case he could hope for is a demotion and desk duty, and even that is unlikely. That was the exact punishment however for the LT how told him it was okay to arrest her. Oops. I also know that once you get a black mark on your record, your career is effectively finished. You can NEVER get promoted and you usually get the shittiest jobs there. Next time, think before you act. Times are changing and cops, like Hollywood producers, are no longer protected. They may not go to jail EVER but at least a lot of them are getting fired.

7)NFL- These guys have a serious problem. People are turning out in droves, either because players are kneeling or because Kaepernick isn't playing. Either way, ratings are down. The NFL doesn't want to force people to stand but it has to realize that these protest are killing their bottom line. Keep it up and they may lose their jobs, especially if it goes under due to lack of support. Protests are fine but you may want to think about getting paid too.
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6)Ryan Zinke- What is it with Trump cabinet members? This guy, Secretary of the Interior, is nuts. He has run into opposition from Republicans when he wanted to close some parks and national monuments, which made hunters and fisherman crazy, as well as opening some others to drilling and mining. He threatened Lisa Murkowski during the health care debate over withholding funds from the state. Weirder, he has a "special flag" that is hoisted whenever he is in his office. Okay. Worst of all, much like everyone else in the Trump administration, he has been using private plane travel for the flimsiest of reasons, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and now being looked at closer. Good. What a dick.

5)Democrats- What part of this country is literally on fucking fire do you not get? How the democrats are not hopping mad over the last week is beyond me. Instead we get the same pussy bullshit these guys are known for. Why is it Pelosi and Shumer when they get "mad," act like they got served the wrong meal at Denny's? How about telling it like it is and calling the president a douchebag who is insane and going to get us all killed? You guys seem INCAPABLE of fighting at this point which means you literally are the fucking Weimar Republic, who did the exact same thing, which led to the rise of Hitler and WW2. Fucking stand up for something, anything already or prepare to live in a country under martial law when the public starts rioting in mass numbers.

4)Justice System- If there was ever a clearer picture about how there are TWO justice systems in this country, this week proved it. Cryus Vance, the fucktard Manhattan DA, has been caught red handed taking bribes from rich assholes to avoid jail. Now they don't call them bribes because, according to our Supreme Court, only if the politician gets a big bag of money with a dollar sign on it is bribery. Anything else, like contributions to political campaigns, is just fine. Convictions were overturned for the corrupt former governor of Virginia and his wife, as well as the inevitable clearing of Bob Menendez, currently on trial, with very little chance of a conviction, let alone one sticking. Ivanka and her husband were on the verge of prison when a donation to Vance's campaign made the changes disappear. Weinstein bought his way out too. This is why poor people go to jail even if they are innocent while the rich murder is with impunity. Thus country is getting to a point where laws don't matter. When that threshold is crossed, look out below.
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3)Fox News- You guys are getting worse at you job. I have listened to idiots, like that bitch Kennedy, whine and moan about Harvey Weinsten and why Hillary hasn't commended him significantly yet, PLEASE! Where was that same level of outrage with the current groper in chief? Trump was accused of the EXACT SAME THING. And he's the fucking president. Locker room talk it wasn't as he physically assaulted women, one even saying she was raped when she was fourteen by Trump. Had that woman had the balls to testify, instead of running away when she got death threats, Trump would have lost. Thanks a lot lady. Your cowardice damned us all. This channel sucks.

2)Republicans- Speaking of cowards, how is possible that Ryan and McConnell can walk upright without spines? These guys better get the message that Trump supporters HATE them and are going to get rid of them in the next election. Ryan is in real trouble as he runs in 2018 and has an approval rating somewhere between spoiled meat and trapped in a elevator with Gilbert Gottfreid for a week. There is a real possibility that they get primaried out and, depending on the mood of the country, either sets up a wave of blue or a red streak of far right Nazis. Either way, the GOP establishment is on borrowed time. Time to come out AGAINST Trump, as Bob Corker has, or face annihilation. Your choice.
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1)Trump- What a giant fuckwad he was this week. Chances are good, he has killed us all. People are panicking behind closed doors right now because they know what I do. WE. ARE. FUCKED! So far, he threw out birth control protections for women, destroyed our health care system, left people to die in Puerto Rico and just made the US a pariah state by ending the Iran deal, that is as good as dead. The ramifications from the last one will have effects for generations, like Woodrow Wilson getting the 16th amendment passed illegally to George w. Bush breaking the world. Trump is about to end it. Just by doing what he has done to the Iran deal, he has effectively killed it, and with it, any chance for peace. Our treaties are going to be seen as worthless, North Korea will never talk to us now, and as a result, war is inevitable with one, perhaps two, countries, and eventually, everyone else. We are all dead. We just don't know it yet. I told you voting for Trump would end the world. I was right. We have very little time left, perhaps even weeks at this point. Sooner than later, dumbass is going to attack North Korea, especially if the moron over there is dumb enough to fire a missile at Guam, as he has said he is going to. It's game over people. It is only a matter of when now. So congratulation Trump voters and Trump himself. You are all douchebag of the week.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Donald Trump and his supporters crossed the Rubicon yesterday and I will not put up with it anymore. The Republican party and this orange tainted asshole may have just ended civilization with a series of world ending actions. One would have been bad in and of itself but both are beyond belief. With a stroke of his pen he just drove up costs for health care to a point that millions may lose it next year. If that happens, thousands or more may die and all for the privilege of us ALL paying more for a broken system. Then, he just broke a treaty that guarantees a war with North Korea and possibly Iran. Who is supporting this American nightmare?
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An Arizona restaurant was forced to close indefinitely after a pro-Trump Facebook page went viral and they got death threats. In ARIZONA! I don't think this country knows how close to civil war we really are. I can tell you anyone I see with a pro-Trump anything is going to get a good tongue lashing at the very least. If they stupidly take a swing at me, I hope they still have good insurance because a hospital visit is in their future. I am DONE being nice to people trying to kill me. You should be the same. Anyone wearing pro-Trump anything should be denied service from all businesses. Let's give them a taste at what they want to do to gay people.

For those living under a rock, Trump killed off health insurance by stopping payments to insurance companies which will now make plans unaffordable for millions, particularly the same people pissed that they make too much money to get subsidized. Their costs are going to skyrocket, most likely making it unaffordable for most. And here is the one silver lining in all of this: Trump did this to them. It wasn't the Democrats, not Obama, not Hillary. TRUMP! Obamacare is now his problem and he just fucked it up good. When prices rise, and they will significantly, it is impossible to blame anyone but the ass who threw a monkey wrench into the system because he didn't get his way. This also changes the dynamics for 2018 which may now see a full fledged flood of blue against the strongest Republican stronghold. The Democrats have a lethal weapon to use against any candidate running and health care is a proven third rail. Who is going to vote for a party that just killed off their health care and, most likley, some lives with it? Worse, if children start dying, and they will, it will be both a PR disaster and could lead to assassination attempts. Worse case scenario, this is beyond that. It also might rip this country is two as Republicans in my eyes and others and now enemy combatants. The GOP is trying to kill you. This week is proof.

The health care issue would be bad enough, but Tangerine Mussolini just broke the world, not content on just ending America. Fucktard pulled out of the Iran accord, which will make peace with North Korea impossible, not to mention NO country will ever agree to a treaty with us ever again as our word is garbage when a new administration can just rip an old agreement. It also means war is coming, where best case is at least thirty million dead, a number that is most likely on the low end. I told you if Trump became president, the world would end. Here's your proof. We have at best, one year before everything you know ends. Our health care is going to evaporate, which may mean little if a nuclear war happens, a distinct possibility now.
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The Europeans are pissed at us and with good reason. Everyone, including almost everyone in Trump's cabinet, disagreed with his idea to pull out of the Iran deal. It makes things worse and could even start ANOTHER war with Iran, a possibility even worse than fighting North Korea as the likelihood of nuclear weapons and even a world war, rise sharply if we attack them. Russia WILL come to their aid, as might China and then it is game over. We are facing Armageddon.

Oddly, the Democrats have been passive at best over all of this. They should be demanding the immediate resignation of Donald J Trump. They should be using the word impeachment as a noun, verb and adjective. But they aren't because they are pussies. Because of this, this country is doomed. I'd say move, but where do you go when the entire world may go poof soon. You wanted chaos America. You got it. Fucking choke on it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The Establishment is toast. The right has had it and is showing it in their voting. Likewise on the Democrat side where progressives, otherwise known as the base of the party, told them loud and clear last election they weren't happy either. Both sides have responded with deafening silence. This is a very bad sign as from an historical perspective, whenever this occurs, fascism rises hard and fast.
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The Democrats cannot get out of their own way. Instead of making each special election about Trump, they have decided local is better, even though their opponents are NOT following that script and winning as a result. Every election from now on should tie the candidate to Trump, Nazis and the inevitable rise of fascism. They won't and that's why barring Trump going down in a heap next year (a very likely possibility if Mueller finds proof of illegality), the Democrats are going to lose even more ground due to their idiocy.

The Democrats are in a tough spot. Because of gerrymandering, they can't win the House back unless a landslide occurs in 2018. Even worse, they have to defend ten vulnerable seats while the Republicans only have two, for both of which the GOP has a zero percent chance of winning either in the primaries or the general election. Jeff Flake is toast in Arizona where his approval rating is near single digits and hated in Trump counties. He is behind 26 points from his opponent in the primary. Likewise, Dean Heller in Nevada that regardless of whether he gets primaried or not, this seat is near 100% likely to go blue in 2018.
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Now 2018 is, in election terms, decades away, especially as our current president makes each week feel like a century. A LOT can happen in that time. Trump could be impeached which would devastate the next election for Republicans who may turn on a party accused of being traitorous to this country. Gerrymandering could be overturned by the Supreme Court, another distinct possibility. But let's say neither of things happen. If that is the case, Democrats, and the United States could be fucked.

If Republicans retain control of the House, gain five seats in the Senate and possibly even nominate at least one Supreme Court Justice, the fallout from this will be nation ending. They WILL kill off health care at this point as it is likley they will have the votes to pass it under budget reconciliation. They will also have the votes for a tax plan that will bankrupt this nation just like Kansas. Gay people will be treated even worse than now and black people will be thrown in jail in massive numbers. Unemployment will skyrocket, riots will occur, martial law and eventually the end of democracy itself. If we don't stop the Republican party in 2018, there won't be anything left to fight for. Economic ruin, fascism run wild and most likely, WW3, will kill most of us off anyway.
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There is only one way to stop this and that is to NOT vote for just about ANY Republican. If you haven't voted before, register and vote in 2018 because the lives of you and everyone you know depend on it. Unless people show up in droves to turn the House and Senate blue, this country dies. Period. Democrats suck but they still are better than the utterly insane right hell bent on destruction. If you can't see that, you are part of the problem.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


What the hell is going on anymore? We had another shooting because we were way overdue for one, the Red Cross is being lambasted by just everyone in three states, while Orange Hitler fiddles away on Twitter. I told people that voting for Trump was a vote to end the world. This week, he may do just that in more than one fucking way, if you can stomach that. One is immediate while the other two will be more of a slow poisoning for the American people. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Can Newton- Some guys don't know what to shut up. Cam Newton got into trouble for acting like a misogynist when a female reporter asked him a football question and he laughed, commenting that it was weird for a woman to ask about the sport. He "apologized" to the reporter later, but according to her, what he said was actually way worse than what he said on camera. Ouch. He got rightfully pounced on by everyone.

9)Anti-pot studies- Some of these so called studies are some of the worst science I have ever seen. A new one came out from Canada that could quite possibly be the stupidest thing EVER written and I include Twilight, Trump speeches and insane scrawlings made by mental patients. Five researchers decided to look at mental patients in three US states and discovered that schizophrenia and pot don't mix, a known fact for forever. Had that been the end of this study, it would have been just a waste of time proving a known factor already. But no, then they postulated that this proves that pot makes EVERYONE violent and that was a fact according to them. Nevermind the fact that decades of research and real time observation obliterates this study, newspapers everywhere just read the headline and panicked. When roving bands of dangerous thugs attack everyone in Amsterdam, I'll reconsider. But as this fictional wave of violence is limited to those with serious mental problems, I think we can sleep safe.

8)Harvey Weinstein- This fat fuck was exposed as a sexual predator this week, something known in the industry for some time. Way back when, I had dealings with Miramax and even sold a movie to them for $2.5 million. This was the late 90's and even then, I heard of the rumors of what a pig Weinstein was. You'd think seeing what happened to people like Eric Bolling, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailles and others, he would have kept his grubby little hand to himself. But no, he continued and this week it all came out. He is fucked. The sad part is, he is a really good producer and his company helped me and my crew big time. But none of that matters as there is no way he will be able to stay on, losing someone who was still making good movies. Because of crap like this, get ready for remakes, sequels and shitting movies galore as today's executives have no idea what they are doing. This summer is all the proof you need.
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7)Haley Geftman Gold- We have free speech in this country. Some people think that allows them to say whatever the want. It doesn't as this woman found out. After the horrific massacre, she idiotically tweeted out that as most of those that died were probably Trump supporters and gun owners, fuck em. This got her fired as she was a lawyer for CBS. First off, that is heartless. Some of you are probably saying but Warmonger, didn't you say fuck the people of Texas for the hurricane? Very different situation. Texas people are voting in people en masse that are dangerous to us all by denying Climate Change as they drown, and giving us a plethora of politicians that are doing everything they can to end the world, health care, breathing, clean water, etc. I cannot support that or them. They all complain overwhelmingly of socialism them hold out their grubby little hands when they need help. This shooting on the other hand was people from all over the country who came to have fun. I have no idea who voted for what and I know plenty of people who love county music AND voted for Hillary. Careful what you write people especially if you have a high profile job. Free speech won't protect you from being canned.

6)Richard Spencer- This right wing fucktard held a flash mob in Charlotteville near the statue of Robert E. Lee that ended last time in a woman being run over by a Nazi douchebag. I HATE fucking Nazis. I am not for violence but if a mass shooting were to happen against these assholes, they'd walk if I was on the jury. This dick is going to start a civil war. Don't let him.

5)Tim Murphy- Yet another hypocrite politician this one a Republican representative from Pennsylvania. The "family values" idiot, cheated on his wife and demanded she get an abortion, even though he is pro-life. All of this came out and he was forced to resign only because PA voters aren't complete morons. Tennessee on the other hand keeps reelecting a similar Republican guy, Scott DesJarlais, who was caught cheating on his wife with multiple women and had several get an abortion. He has won three times since. Apparently, Tennessee people are fucking idiots.
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4)Ivanka Trump, Jared Kuchner and Cyrus Vance- Apparently, Ivanka and her husband were inches from going to jail in 2012 due to some fraudulent real estate deal they were involved with. Then the beyond corrupt Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance stepped in, took a "bribe" and then the charges magically disappeared. The DA office say it was all above board, but my research says it is far from that. Remember, I said earlier that it was common knowledge in the movie business that Harvey Weinstein was a perv? He too was going to face charges for sexual harassment several years back when those charges also went away after $10,000 from Miramax found its way into Vance's pocket, I mean "campaign funds." And that is just two examples of what appears to be dozens of donations to his campaign that just happen to coincide with charges being lessened or dropped. Yeah, nothing suspicious here. This is why out justice system is broken. If you are rich, you can literally get away with murder (OJ, Robert Blake, Robert Durst). If you are not, hello prison.

3)Red Cross- Apparently, this group is getting worse with age, not better. Citizens AND governments from the three states impacted hardest from there Hurricanes, Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, have all come out against the group and their mishandling of the situation. They have had few volunteers on the ground, even fewer that know what they were doing, and several stories came out about Red Cross personnel that was actually making things worse due to poor planning. One story out of Texas said that the locals were doing way more than the Red Cross who didn't even have enough food for everyone, as well as disturbing videos of palates of food being thrown out because they lacked the skill to get it to where it needed to go before it expired. Puerto Rico said they had people so rude and stupid from the Red Cross they were asked to leave, more hindrance then help. Considering the same guy has been running the show for nine years now, maybe a new person at top is the first way to start rebuilding this travesty it has become.

2)Stephen Paddock- This psycho killed 58 people, wounded almost 500 more and we still have no idea why. He was a guy who apparently wanted to kill as many as possible. The conspiracy theories have all come and gone and, as always, almost all were laughably stupid. I kept hearing about other shooters from the building, which we can see with own eyes is not possible because no other windows are shot out. ISIS took credit but there is no evidence he was radicalized and, contrary to what you have been told, they do lie on occasion about credit. Bump stocks need to be outlawed but we will see if that can even happen with today beyond polarized country.
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1)Donald Fucking Trump- I am so hating this tangerine nightmare lately. Douchebag this week was in fine form when he pulled back birth control rules because that is what everyone wants, made a cryptic hint about a coming storm/war, may screw up health care this week with an ill advised EO and, worst of all, may start a second war front with Iran when he kicks the can to Congress and the Iran deal. Fuck me. The birth control mandate now allows any company to not provide birth control coverage to their employees as if they should have any fucking say on my body. The good news is few companies will try this tactic because the backlash against them if they do could be horrific. Then we have his new EO that will change how some health care is managed and may raise prices on the sick, especially people like me. Then we have the possibility of not one but two war fronts over the coming months. He is taunting North Korea something fierce which is stupid beyond words. Then, just for fun, plans on telling Congress to decertify the Iran deal, which may or may not happen. If it does end, the chances for war explode. So way to go Trump, you really are going to kill us all. Congratulations Trump, you are again douchebag of the week.